Why Professional Commercial Service On Your Garage Door, Gates, And Fencing Is Imperative

When you have a great business, one that provides excellent service, guarantees, and a comfortable waiting room for your clients, it's important to have a clean and well maintained building.

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If it’s falling off it’s brackets, rusty, dirty, and in need of repair, people see that and wonder about the quality of work that’s being done there. Plus, criminals will also take note as they wander past and see the ailing door as an easy entry point due to its condition. Here are some key points to look for when considering commercial service on your garage door maintenance and repair or commercial gate repair.
Why You Should Look For A Fee Estimate For Repairs

A well functioning commercial garage door is imperative to any business, not only do they deter theft and increase security but help hold in the heat in winter and cool in summer.

If they creak, groan, and squeal as you open and close them, what does that say about the service you provide for your customers?

Whatever kind of business you own, loading dock, manufacturing plant, muffler repair, or car stereo installation, a fast estimate on your door maintenance and repair is essential.

That’s when a professional sales technician comes to your business and does a complete inspection of all the moving parts of your door, most of the time in just one day from your call at (800) 204-5716.

Then, the commercial service tech will give you a cost estimate of all the parts and labor upfront, so there is no question of what’s involved in the job.

He’ll also go into detail explaining the difference between high-quality parts versus cheap imitations and how they’re important for longevity, durability, and safety. He’ll usually mention brand names that are well known in the industry for quality.

You’ll note that he has a high degree of knowledge, is certified by nationally known associations, and is happy to show you his license, bonding, and insurance as well. All of these are important in case something goes wrong during the job or after completion. You’re protected and so is your bottom line.

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They Offer 24/7 Emergency
Commercial Service

Not only is this important if you have some kind of breakage and need to be able to close up shop and secure the premises, but in cases of theft it’s imperative as well. Thieves will many times use trucks to ram a commercial garage door or access gate to gain access to your business and you’ll need emergency service to keep them from returning to loot and plunder repeatedly.

Having service vehicles that are fully stocked with parts to repair almost any door, gate, or fence is also a great advantage since in the middle of the night most door parts companies will be closed. You need your door fixed, no matter what brand and they’ll have the parts on-site when they’re needed. This saves the time of running for spare parts as well.

Your Guarantee Explained Upfront
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When you’re working with professionals you’ll always get a long guarantee backed up by many years in service with a long history. You can go online and read the many great reviews left by real customers that have been satisfied over the years. And problems are quickly resolved, passionately and with care.

All parts and labor performed by Gates are Us will come with a guarantee, sometimes from the parts manufacturer and other times by us. You can rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of in case there is a problem, well into the future. When you get your fast  written estimate, everything is explained in detail so that there is no confusion or doubt about what’s covered and for how long.

Automatic Gate Repair As Well

Mechanical garage doors and moving gates have many parts and suppliers in common. That makes the repair of gates, whether residential or commercial, another avenue where Gates are US can provide great service, installation, and maintenance.

You’ll find the same great customer care, with 24/7 emergency service available on gate repair as well. Many gates limit access to valuable storage facilities, large companies, and secure installations. They are often a target of criminals seeking access to expensive merchandise in warehouses, yards, or other locations. That’s why 24-hour service is important when choosing a gate maintenance company for your business.

Fence Repair Is A Specialty

When it comes to protecting your fences, gates, and doors, it’s important to make sure everything is properly repaired and maintained. Thieves look for the weakest link to gain access and anyplace that looks vulnerable is a target. Keeping your security fencing inspected and maintained is all part of the total safety and security of your business. You should also have it inspected yearly and upgraded, repaired, and maintained as necessary to keep your company safe from criminals.

Having fully stocked service vehicles is also a plus so that any repairs, on any brand, can be made at any time, day or night. That saves time running to the parts warehouse or waiting for parts that are back ordered while your gate is under repair. You’ll save time, money, and stress by choosing a repair and maintenance company that offers 24-hour service on what they sell, and even brands they don’t sell.

If you’re looking for garage door, gate, or fencing repair, get a fast detailed estimate from a certified professional technician from Gates are Us at (800) 204-5716. You’ll be impressed by their same day fast estimates and their ability to repair, service, and maintain any brand, any size, and anytime.

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